Porters Creek Trail In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Last weekend we headed back over to the Greenbrier area of The Smokies to hike Porters Creek Trail. It’s located fairly close to the Ramsey Cascades trailhead (which is my favorite hike in The Smokies). It’s a pretty easy hike that totals a little over 6 miles round trip.

Bridge Crossing Porters Creek

Porters Creek Trail

The Porters Creek Trail begins with the an easy hike on the Brushy Mountain Trail, until you reach a new sign to complete the hike to Porters Creek.

The start of the trail is a large, gravel path that leads up to an old barn and hiking club building. It’s worth the short detour to check these out. There are also some old stone walls along this part of the trail.

Porters Creek Trail Barn

After you reach the old barn area, it’s another 2.7 miles to reach the waterfall. The trail is fairly easy, with a few bridge crossings and beautiful mountain scenery.

Porters Creek Hiking Trail

Although the waterfall on the Porters Creek Trail is not as impressive as the Ramsey Cascades waterfall, it is a much easier hike and would be better for beginners and young children.

Porters Creek Waterfall

The photo opportunities and views are much better at the bottom of the waterfall; the part where the trail opens up and you get your first glimpse of the waterfall. To reach the top, you will have to hike/sort of climb up, but it’s not too difficult.

Porters Creek Waterfall Landscape

Overall, this was an enjoyable day hike. It was my first time hiking the Porters Creek Trail and I’d recommend it. However, it’s not the most exciting trail, and the waterfall is a little underwhelming, especially compared to Ramsey Cascades.

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