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4 Must-Listen Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. It’s an easier way for me to consume content, especially when driving or editing photos. Sure, I like entertaining podcasts, too, but I wanted to share a few favorite podcasts for my fellow creative entrepreneurs. I’m a photographer and blogger and have found a TON of useful information in these 4 must-listen podcasts for creative entrepreneurs!

4 Must-Listen Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

4 Must-Listen Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

Boss Girl Creative – This is my favorite blogging and creative podcast. Ever. Taylor Bradford is wonderful. She’s super easy to listen to and dishes out excellent information for all creative entrepreneurs. She has a variety of episode types as well, everything from really detailed information about blogging, to inspirational episodes, to her Nitty Gritty series where she interviews other bloggers. If you only have time to listen to one, this should be the one you pick. I highly recommend her SEO episodes. She also has an active Facebook Group with TONS of helpful information!

Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher is a well-known lady in the creative entrepreneur field. She’s a photographer, blogger, and (obviously) podcaster. She is another excellent source of information for creatives. I personally relate to Taylor Bradford a little more, but Jenna is a close second. She has a lot of inspirational episodes and interviews. She truly is an expert in the creative entrepreneur field.

The Skinny Confidential – I don’t know how I stumbled across this podcast but I am glad I did. Lauryn Evarts hosts the podcast with her husband, Michael Bosstick. Lauryn started as a lifestyle blogger but focuses a lot of time on her podcast now. She has episodes about a variety of topics, but there are plenty with helpful information for creative entrepreneurs. She also has a different vibe than the other two podcasts I’ve mentioned so far, but her and Michael and pretty entertaining. You definitely won’t be bored listening to this one.

Raw Milk – I first heard Beth Kirby on the Boss Girl Creative podcast in the Nitty Gritty series. She runs a successful blog and online business but now focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs. I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far but I think this is another great one to keep on the short list. She shares a lot of information that other people may not want to share- like how she actually makes money! This is one I need to listen to more.

Best Creative Entrepreneur Podcasts

There you have it. I hope you find these 4 must-listen podcasts for creative entrepreneurs useful in your own creative business. Comment below with any creative entrepreneur podcasts that you love. I’m always looking for new podcasts to binge!

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