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5 Reasons To Use Google Photos

5 Reasons To Use Google Photos - The Wander Guide, A Travel and Lifestyle Blog

5 Reasons To Use Google Photos

As a photographer, I’m incredibly concerned with finding the best ways to backup my photographs. Unfortunately, in the past, I lost most of my pictures for an entire year because they were not backed up correctly. I don’t store my photos on my computer. I save all of them to an external hard drive as well as to an online cloud server. Having my photos saved to a cloud server gives me the best piece of mind that they are safe. I have recently started uploading a lot of albums of personal photos to Google Photos. Here’s a few reasons why I love Google Photos.

5 Reasons To Use Google Photos - The Wander Guide, A Travel and Lifestyle Blog

#1 – It’s Super Easy To Use

It really is so simple to use, from your desktop and mobile devices. If you have Google Photos installed on your mobile then they will automatically be uploaded whenever you take a picture with your phone. When I want to add pictures from my desktop, I can simply drag and drop. I can then organize them by creating different albums. I’m currently in the process of uploading all of our trip pictures to Google Photos.

#2 – Sharing Your Pictures Is Simple

I really love how simple Google Photos makes it to share your pictures. You just have to make sure the album is marked as a “shared album” and you can type in the name of the person you wish to share it with. Kyle and I share the majority of our albums so we can both add pictures to them. Since I typically shoot with my DSLR and he shoots with his phone, we can combine our trip pictures together in one album. You can share it with multiple people, too. This is especially nice for family or friends who want prints- they can download and print the pictures they want.

#3 – Organization Features

One of my favorite features on shared albums is that Google Photos automatically puts pictures IN THE ORDER THEY WERE SHOT. So, if you have multiple people adding pictures to an album, they should be sorted and put in the correct order.

#4- Other Fun Features

A few fun things Google Photo creates for you are movies, animations, and picture collages. It also sorts and allows you to search through your photos by location, person, and things.

#5 – It’s Free

That’s right. If all of those other cool things weren’t enough to convince you that Google Photos is amazing, it’s free. I think you probably need to have a Google account (e-mail) to use it, but that is free to set up if you don’t already have one.

Whether you have a photo storage solution or not, Google Photos is an excellent option for everyone. I also love being able to view slideshows on my TV by using Google Chromecast and Google Photos together. (If you can’t tell, I love pretty much everything Google.) I know that cloud storage isn’t fun to think about but it is so important. Protect your photos! You’ll be happy you did.



I don’t exclusively use Google Photos for my backup, but wanted to share about why I like Google Photos as an easy backup solution. I’d highly suggest using another cloud server (such as Carbonite) to backup your high resolution files. I always backup my photos to an external hard drive, online cloud server, and then I will make a gallery on Google Photos for my favorite pictures from each trip. Anyway, you can just google online cloud backup and read about it from someone more technically inclined than me.

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