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Travel During The Covid-19 Pandemic

How do you safely travel during the Covid-19 pandemic? Many of us have canceled trips and stayed safe at home this year. Of course, the first priority is making sure our community is as safe as possible during this time. Unfortunately, it will take time to get back to normal. ….

3 Reasons To Sign Up For Global Entry

Kyle and I finally decided to sign up for the Global Entry Program last year. I’ve used it twice so far and it has been completely worth the investment! It has saved so much time and reduced my travel-related stress. (Here’s to looking at you, airport security.) I wanted to ….

My Experience Using AirBNB

My Experience Using AirBNB AirBNB is a home and apartment rental service. Hosts from all over the world will list their home or apartment for others to rent out. You can choose between┬árenting out the entire place, a room, or sharing a room.┬áI have only rented out an entire apartment ….

5 Tips For Finding Lodging

5 Tips For Finding Lodging Lodging can easily be the most expensive part of any trip. There are a TON of factors to keep in mind while booking: the quality of the room, the safety of the area, and the overall location. Research will be your best friend to help ….