Favorite Finds: January 2018

It’s a new year, so I thought I’d try something new around here. (Because that’s what you do when a new year starts, right? I teased about starting this series in my goals for 2018 post here, if you want to check it out.) Once a month I will share my Favorite Finds. Mostly stuff I’m currently into, like things I’ve been listening to, watching, reading, cooking, etc. In addition, I will share a favorite picture that I’ve taken. I hope it is a short, fun post that is a little different than what I usually post. Enjoy my Favorite Finds: January 2018 edition!

Frozen Rainbow Falls Trail In The Great Smoky Mountains

Photo from 2010: Frozen Rainbow Falls Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I hiked this before I liked hiking and WORE TENNIS SHOES TO HIKE IN THE SNOW. Which makes me cringe to think of doing that now. We are hiking tomorrow and I hope there are pretty snowy scenes like this to photograph. 

Favorite Finds: January 2018

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album. I hated it at first. And, I still dislike about half the album, but there are a few songs that are worth listening to. Don’t Blame Me is my favorite song off of the album. I also like End Game, Delicate, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, and Call It What You Want.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is now on Netflix and it is quite delightful. I’ve only watched a few episodes but I especially liked the one with Kristen Wiig. (They’re short episodes too, about 20 minutes long on average.)

This White Chicken Chili recipe is SO. GOOD. and makes a perfect dinner on a cold night.

My dogs were spoiled this Christmas with LOTS of toys and this one was their absolute favorite.

Target’s new clothing brand, A New Day. I bought a few cute and cozy shirts and now I want all of the things. They’re affordable, too.

Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. I’ve watched two of her 30 Day Yoga Challenge videos and they are pretty good. This is a good option if you want to try out yoga but don’t want to pay to take a class somewhere. I don’t think I am a yoga person but I do like some of the stretches.

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