The Best Google Chrome Extensions
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The Best Google Chrome Extensions

I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchased a new MacBook Pro over tax free weekend. It’s nice to have the mobility of a laptop again. (And the comfort… it’s so much better to write this on my couch than at my desk!)¬†One of the first things I did when I started up my new MacBook was to install Google Chrome. It’s the best web browser. Sorry, Safari. After I installed Google Chrome, I started browsing all of the Google Chrome Extensions. If you use Google Chrome then you really should utilize the Google Chrome Extensions to make your browsing experience so. much. better.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions

The Best Google Chrome Extensions

There are tons (TONS!) of Google Chrome Extensions available. I geeked out a little bit while looking through them because I love techie stuff.

Here are a few of the extensions that I’m currently using:

UBlock Origin : It’s a great ad blocker. If you are using the internet without an ad blocker, what are you even doing?!

LastPass : LastPass is probably my favorite extension because I use it all the time. LastPass is a password manager. I’ve saved all of my online accounts into my LastPass account and it auto-fills my log in credentials when needed. I only have to remember a few passwords now.

HTTPS Everywhere : This extension keeps you secure and helps prevent account hijacking and surveillance.

Honey : If you do any online shopping then the Honey extension is a must! It will automatically find a coupon/discount code for your online shopping carts.

Add To Amazon Wish List : I’m a huge fan of Amazon Wish Lists. This extension allows me to add products from any website to my Amazon wish list.

Planyway (Trellius) : This is a calendar organizational tool that works with Trello. It amplifies the Trello experience by taking your tasks and allowing you to put them in a calendar to schedule time to complete each task. I just started using this one but I’m looking forward to knocking a few tasks off of my to do list.

I’ll update this list if I start using any other extensions that I love. Comment on this post if there are any other extensions that you recommend.

Are you a Google fan like me? Then you’ll want to check out my post about Google Photos to help you back up and organize all of your photos.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions

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