Rough Ridge Trail Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

Rough Ridge Trail Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Rough Ridge Trail is one of the most popular trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Kyle and I hiked this trail during our Weekend Getaway To The Tri-Cities Tennessee last month. It’s a relatively short hike, only 0.6 miles to the overlook, and the views at the top are very rewarding. The trail continues after the overlook, but we decided to stop at the overlook since we hiked the Hawksbill Mountain Trail earlier in the day.

Rough Ridge Trail off of the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Rough Ridge Trail Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

We hiked the Rough Ridge Trail on a weekend afternoon, so it was very crowded. I’d recommend going earlier in the day if you want to avoid the crowds. You know, like you should do on any popular trail.

I really wasn’t that impressed with the trail itself. It’s a short and easy hike, which would be a great for beginners or families with small children, but kind of boring for experienced hikers.

Hiking on the Rough Ridge Trail

Rhododendron Bloom on the Rough Ridge Trail

Foliage on the Rough Ridge Trail

View from the top of the Rough Ridge Trail

The views at the top were definitely my favorite part of this hike. We sat up here for a few minutes to enjoy the views and take some pictures. It would be a really nice spot to hang out on for a while.


This trail is just OK in my book. I’m not sure if I will plan to hike it again in the future. I thought the Hawksbill Mountain hike was a much better hike- more challenging, less crowded, and better views- so I’d definitely suggest it over the Rough Ridge Trail. If you only have a limited amount of time to complete a hike, then the Rough Ridge Trail is worth a stop. It won’t take very long to hike and you’ll be very happy when you reach the top.

I love the Blue Ridge Parkway and will hopefully be back again soon to explore more of this beautiful area. Are there any hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway that you would suggest?

Rough Ridge Trail Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

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