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Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

The weather has been perfect in Knoxville lately, so I’ve been really keen on getting out and exploring. I love hiking in the Smoky Mountains (of course), but it’s usually crowded, dogs aren’t allowed on most trails, and I’ve hiked a good majority of the trails already. So, I explored a few options and decided […]

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Hiking Tennessee

Laurel Falls Trail : Hiking In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Laurel Falls Trail : Hiking In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park It’s been awhile since I have hiked in the mountains. Probably a few months, which¬†is way too long to go without hitting the trails. Today’s hike was to Laurel Falls to photograph a sweet proposal taking place at the waterfall. Everything about this […]

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Wander Guide: A First-Timer’s Guide To Yosemite

A First-Timer’s Guide To Yosemite Yosemite National Park is exceptionally beautiful and an amazing place to visit. Kyle and I spent about two days exploring and hiking in Yosemite Valley¬†during our vacation out west this past October. We stuck to Yosemite Valley because that is where most of the popular sights are and because we […]

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Wander Guide: Olympic National Park Travel Guide

Olympic National Park is an incredibly breathtaking and wonderful place, especially for a nature lover and photographer like myself. We spent two glorious days here during our Pacific Northwest vacation last September. The beach is nice, but give me some mountains and I’m a happy lady. Olympic National Park has numerous ecosystems which made is […]

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