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Welcome to The Wander Guide!

The Wander Guide - A Travel and Lifestyle Blog

I’m over the moon to announce my new lifestyle blog, The Wander Guide!

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for months, so that is how The Wander Guide was born. I keep a notebook in my purse to write down ideas and have been throwing around names for my blog but I never really liked anything. Finally, today, I decided to stop waiting around and just do it already! I think it is a fitting name to describe how I view travel, and life, and experiences. I’m a planner at my core but have recently been more spontaneous, which has definitely been a good change of pace.

So, what will I write about?


This is my main source of inspiration for my blog. If you know me, you know I love to travel. I’ve experienced a lot so far in my 26 years of life and want a place to share those experiences with others as well as have something to look back on. I grew a fondness for traveling and nature at a young age. I was homeschooled so I had the opportunity to travel around the United States with my family (we took 3 road trips from Tennessee to California and back, as well as many other vacations). I have also been on a lot different trips with my husband, Kyle. I’m very fortunate that he shares the same love of travel and adventure. We’ve been able to travel across the United States and to quite a few countries in Europe and the Caribbean together. I also have a long bucket list of places I still want (need!) to see and experience.


Basically, I take a TON of pictures and want to share them! I’m a professional portrait and wedding photographer (you can check out my photography website at if you are interested) but I need a place to share my travel and lifestyle pictures as well. I picked up my first DSLR as a freshman in college and ended up earning my degree in Photography. So, I am kind of obsessed with photography. I LOVE photographing people, which is obviously why I have a portrait photography business. But I also love photographing landscapes, and food, and just weird stuff I find while exploring somewhere new. So, I’m happy to have a new home to share those pictures.

Tennessee Adventures

I’m also excited to use this blog to share my experiences here locally in East Tennessee. I’m lucky that The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a short drive away (the most visited National Park). I’ve hiked quite a few trails in the GSMNP but have many more on my to do list. There’s a lot of beauty outside the park as well and I recently visited Cummins Falls State Park with the dogs in tow.


I’ve had some amazing food on my adventures- locally, in the United States, and beyond. I like to take pictures of my food. I like to share said food pictures. I also like to pretend I’m Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern and mentally review places where I eat… and now I have a place outside of TripAdvisor to tell you about it. Lucky you. Cooking is also a hobby/something I enjoy to do and may incorporate recipes down the road.


I guess “lifestyle” is just for everything else kind of lumped together (like this post?). This is my place to share my world and experiences. Thanks for stopping by and reading my first post. Now I gotta work on adding some bones to the rest of the website and add a way for you to subscribe to stay up to date with the happenings at The Wander Guide!

Hannah Bubp
<p>Hannah Bubp lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband, Kyle, baby girl, Claire, and two dogs. She is a professional photographer and a new Stay At Home Mom. She enjoys writing, cooking, hiking, traveling, and navigating life as a new mom.</p>

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