Travel During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Travel During The Covid-19 Pandemic

How do you safely travel during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many of us have canceled trips and stayed safe at home this year. Of course, the first priority is making sure our community is as safe as possible during this time. Unfortunately, it will take time to get back to normal. I still think there are ways to be safe and travel.

Traveling is going to look a lot different right now. That’s ok. We all need to lower our expectations for a little while and remember that this is temporary.

Even if it’s not required in the area you are planning to visit, it’s important to wear your mask and follow social distancing guidelines. And, of course, wash your hands.

Before You Travel

Another important thing to remember is to research the area where you are planning to visit. Inform yourself of any special regulations and current Covid-19 cases. Reschedule trips and take precautions prior to traveling.

If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, it’s important to stay home until you are able to get tested and receive your results. I know how disappointing it is to cancel trips but we all need to be extra cautious until we get back to normal.

Safer Ways To Travel During Covid-19

Drive Instead of Fly

If at all possible, skip the airplane and drive somewhere instead. This will limit the number of people you come in contact with during your travel days.

Rent A House

This is another great option to limit the amount of people you come in contact with. Renting a house also allows you access to a kitchen so you can stay at your rental and enjoy meals there instead of going to restaurants. 

Visit A National Park

If you are in the United States (or traveling to the U.S.), there are so many wonderful National Parks to visit. Being outdoors is always great but it’s a really fantastic option during the pandemic. You may need to wear a mask if the park is crowded, so it’s a good idea to bring one.

Go To The Beach

The beach is a good and fairly safe option right now for a vacation. I’d suggest finding a beach that is more secluded. We recently took a beach vacation to Santa Rosa Beach, FL and loved it. Many restaurants near the beach have outdoor seating as well, which is good if you decide to eat out at a restaurant. 

Opt For A Staycation

Exploring your own city can be a really fun experience. You could hike some new trails, visit a new restaurant or brewery, or find a variety of pandemic safe activities in your area. I have a variety of Knoxville related posts here for my local readers. A good tip is to Google your own town and find some new things to do.

Take A Day (Or Weekend) Trip

A day or weekend trip is a good option between a full blown vacation and a staycation. It’s always a lot of fun to go to a new city for a day or two. There are a lot of great day trip options from Knoxville, TN and there are likely a few great day trip options from your home as well. 

Stay safe and enjoy your travels during this time. It will look different for a while but we can keep dreaming and planning our next big trips.

Hannah Bubp

Hannah Bubp lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband, Kyle, baby girl, Claire, and two dogs. She is a professional photographer and a new Stay At Home Mom. She enjoys writing, cooking, hiking, traveling, and navigating life as a new mom.

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